Top Best HYIP Monitor Review – Paying as on November 2019


Minimum investment $50
Interest 1.10% daily
Pricipal Return – after 50 days


Online: 1770 days

Most Important Factors of HYIP Investment

Stage 1: Choosing the Platform Need to pick the new hyip company for your investment, but not too new one. Check out their proof of payments and even though hyip with a reasonable interest rate, don’t invest into any hyip that gives 50% interest per day.
Stage 2: Regular Withdrawal Now this stage is 100% risk, but you have to keep your eye out for any withdrawals and take profits on a regular basis until your total withdrawals exceed the money you’ve invested.
Stage 3: 100% Reinvestment with Compounding Don’t get greedy at this point because there is no profit at all but you have rapid growth. You are reinvesting your entire amount, so there is no cash out at this level.
Stage 4: Cut Down Reinvestment to 50% & Earn More Begin to withdraw all other profits, where you are going to get a real passive income and not only gains on paper. Still, you are reinvesting 50% but something you don’t wish to miss out on.
Stage 5: Determine How Fast the Growth Try to monitor your withdraw checks every now and then, whether there is any unusual delay or not. Find the changes in interest rate, affiliate program, and minimum amount investment. Analyze its social media involvement, new user registration and support response times.
Stage 6: Dying Hyip as possible After the above stage, no more investment and get all withdrawal amounts immediately. From this don’t trust of any 200% bonus payouts for last time reinvestments. Try to come out as soon as possible before the hyip dying.
Stage 7: Reset all & Rotation Last level, find the new and reliable HYIP investment platform and rotate over to it.

What is HYIP?

What is High Yield Investment Programs? This is what most of the people ask, here we are going to discuss HYIP in a detailed manner. And how to invest in HYIP’s and not lose money.

HYIP is an investment Scam platform, which provides empty promises as an unsustainably high return on investment (ROI).  Many HYIP companies tell that they will offer an attractive rate of investments for a relatively short time investment cycle in between 30days and 60 days.

High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP) as the name suggests, this program will pay you high returns for a small investment with HYIP scam Cryptocurrency Company.

How HYIP Makes Money – Are There Legitimate HYIPs?

We all wonder that most of the HYIP make promises but they disappear after few months or year. Coming to the reality they work like a chain, which means if one person invests amount into the chain then another person follows.

For example, If XX deposit the amount $50 with company A and YY deposit $100, then the company will pay in return of $150 of XX investment along with 50% of YY’s investment. Likewise if one invests, then the other has to wait for return until the new investors come.

Is Hyip Scam or Real?

It will be a hard question to answer. It is Greed vs. Fear factor. Every investment has their own risk. We strongly advise you to invest according to your risk factor. Go through our best HYIP monitors data to pick the leading ones.

When you are having a thought of making HYIP investment, give attention and compare one with other programs. You have to make sure that the program is genuine, licensed and not a pirated version.

Here in investing, there are two different people involved:

The quick in/out investors
Here this kind of depositors know the risk factor and they expect that the HYIP Company may disappear at any time. So they can invest their investment as the close as possible to the hyip’s startup date.

The innocent investors
This kind of people don’t know the risks and they simply make an investment in someone information. They may not do any research or monitor, who stand to lose their valuable dollars.

Tips to Invest in HYIP

Foremost thing in investing hyip is, you have to be very clear about the risk. So be prepared to make mistakes and learn a lesson from it. Try to use a smart depositing strategy that will split your investments as much as possible.

You have to invest your money in real HYIP with low payouts and high credibility. Last but not least, don’t think that the HYIP program will solve all your financial issues, but it is merely a second income.

  • Invest only what you are affording to lose
  • Diversify your investment in top leading 3 to 5 hyip programs
  • Never investment unless you make an analysis
  • Never be greedy
  • Try to get your ROI soon
  • Get your principal back quickly
  • Make a regular withdrawal
  • Check for an instant withdrawal
  • Advertising and reputation
  • Earnings gap between plans
  • Set goals and limit
  • Be ready to lose
  • Work consistently
  • Never give up, just move on

Getting started with Hyip

Invest small amount basic on your fear factor ranging between10 USD and 500 USD. Try to pick a minimal plan and withdraw the profit returns in a short period of time. Have a note on withdrawal speed and raise a ticket with your doubts and check how they are responding.

Try to withdraw as frequent you can, so that you won’t lose your money. Once you get your invested money, now are ready to reinvest and playback.

How we are Monitor Hyip & ICO Programs

We ourselves invest the coins in most of the hyip programs and we update our own experience accordingly. In addition to this, we also are tracking 3rd party HYIP monitors to make our result more accurate. Our user reviews and voting also helps to find our scammers and pick best one for investment.


In most of the cases, we invest our own money and track all withdrawal and profit ratio. We also update the payment status in a timely manner. Keep watching for latest updates.

Of course, HYIP is fully scammers and attackers who are taking, but it is not a crime. Yes, it is really a beautiful place to be where the show keeps on going no matter investors are losing or gaining.


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