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Bitreserve Review Whether to Invest or Not?

Warning - Scam Scam Scam - Don't Deposit

Status : Problem

Active Since: December 22, 2017

Top Lenders – April 2018


Min 45% per month 1% – 5% daily interest Capital release in 120 days


Online: 172 days


Plan : Min Deposit : 0.001 BTC. Max Deposit : No Limit. Profit : 0.15% Hourly (3.6%Daily)

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Coins Supported : BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin
Payment Mode :
Referrals : 10%-5%

Company Information :

Bitreserve is an fully licensed and certified UK company, and this company’s license number is: 11061509. is the registered domain name of this company and it has registered with NameCheap, Inc. This domain is registered on 13-11-2017 and it will expire exactly on 13-11-2018.

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Bitreserve is a New Bitcoin mining platform that is just founded a few months ago. The main motto of this platform is to serve Bitcoin miners and investors to invest their cryptocurrencies to get great interest rates.

This platform is actually developed by investment professionals from advanced computer technology to engineering. With this platform, you can earn more profit every hour, forever with interactive terms.

The profit that you earn while participating with investment plans is 0.15% for each hourly forever

How to participate in Bitreserve Investment Plan?

Bitreserve accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin currency alone. So, unfortunately, no one can use their fiat currencies to invest in this platform.

Earn Interest: 0.15% hourly profit

You have to do to start investing in this platform is with a very minimum as low as 0.001 BTC Here it has only one investment plan, so it makes you more easy to choose.

Investment Plans

You can deposit any amount not less than 0.001 BTC and for every hour you will get 0.15% per hour that means 3.6% daily profit forever that even includes weekends and holidays.

For example: If you deposit 1.00000000BTC with an investment period of 30days which also includes weekends and holiday period too. For this, you will get a stable income of 0.15% hourly which means for your above investment you will get a profit of 0.00150000BTC for every successive hour. So overall the daily profit will be 0.03600000BTC. at the end of your investment period, you will get a maximum of 1.08000000BTC as a total profit.

Once you withdraw all your principal amount, your deposit with Bitreserve will no longer be in active and also the interest will not be applied anymore.

Minimum & Maximum Deposit with Bitreserve

The minimum amount that you can invest in this platform to earn a stable profit of 0.15% hourly is 0.001 BTC and as a user-friendly platform, Bitreserve does not restrict any value for the maximum deposit amount. You can also have as many active investments.

Withdrawal Terms

Not many platforms offer this opportunity to withdraw your initial deposit. But with Bitreserve you can withdraw your initial deposit anytime, but still with a single term that is only after 24 hours.

Minimum amount to withdraw is 0.0005 BTC

You can withdraw your initial deposit at any time, but only after the first 24 hours from the time, your investment became active. To withdraw  Bitcoin the minimum amount is 0.0005 BTC. For this, a very little fee of 5% fee will be charged.

Affiliate Program 

Bitreserve conducts this affiliate program to give an extra financial opportunity to all when they refer this platform to others. Participating in this affiliate program is as simple as sending links.

At Level 1, earn 5% of deposit amount as a referral commission

You just need to send your referral link to your friends and once your referral person starts investing in this platform, you will automatically get 5% from their deposit. Similarly, you can earn ‘ n ‘ number of referral commissions by sending your referral links to all your friends.

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  1. Karthik says is not allowing to withdraw my not invest ..Contact me via email [email protected] if you need screenshots…They disabled the chat service for me and not allowing withdrawals since last two days…beware try taking all your money soon …

  2. Jim says

    Careful folks. This site looks to be doing selective pays. They haven’t paid anyone using Litecoin or Ethereum for a couple of days now. Recommend stay away.

  3. John says

    Not paying properly. Very frustrating.

  4. Theo says

    They are gone now?? no site, no social media sites, nothing.

  5. nilesh bhagwat says

    the site is also down now i have check it and i have sent an email but no reply

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