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Active Since: December 11, 2017

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Minimum investment $50 Interest 1.10% daily Pricipal Return – after 50 days


Online: 1770 days

Coinello is the new cryptocurrency mining and trading program in the market, which is available in online from 11 December, 2017. For partnership program, the company has been affording two levels of referral commission, where you can receive 4% and 1% of that amount when someone registered through your referral link and made a deposit.

In this program, you can pick an investment plan with a daily profit or end of the term profit. Deposit amount can be included in the daily profit in case of daily plans and in case of after plans, the deposit includes in total return.


Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC Maximum Deposit: 5. 00000001 BTC Daily interest: 7% – 9% Earn Profit after some days: 120% – 200% The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 Bitcoin Earn 7% daily on investing 0.001 BTC – 3 BTC on 20 days deposit term Earn 8% daily on investing 3.00000001 BTC – 5 BTC on 25 days deposit term Earn 9% daily on investing 5.00000001 BTC – 10 BTC on 30 days deposit term 120% interest after 10 days while investing between 0.001 BTC and 3 BTC 140% interest after 15 days while investing between 3.00000001 BTC and 5 BTC 200% interest after 20 days while investing between 5.00000001 BTC and 10 BTC

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Coins Supported : BitCoin
Payment Mode : BitCoin
Referrals : 6%-4%-2%-1%

Company Information :

Alexa Rank: 1,389,796

Domain name is registered under Namecheap, Inc since 13 October 2017

Registration Expires on 13 October 2022

Name Servers:,,,,,

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Coinello Limited is the cryptocurrency mining hardware equipment development company it also provides trading services. Trading takes place in popular trading exchanges. Bitcoin is allowable for investment.

Coinello is the best opportunity for the people who are anxious to lend in cryptocurrency mining platform. Cryptocurrency mining hardware, software and the Coinello makes this platform effective.

Investment in Coinello has started on 11 December 2017 and within few days it earns more over 2240 customers and they are investing up to 35.61379965 bitcoins and they are paid 7.35607943 bitcoins till now.

Coinello Team

The team of Coinello analyze and understand worldwide view and discover new strategic plan which satisfies the customers. And this is implementing in distinct situations and cost. This team contribution is the boon for the Coinello platform.

The team includes microchip developers, professional electronics, internet commerce specialists, financial asset management specialists and last but not least users.


  • Investment through cryptocurrency
  • Fully automated system
  • Monthly financial reports

How to invest in Coinello?

It is very simple. Just you have to open a new account on Coinello for investing using only Gmail id, the Google mail service so that they can get receipts of letters.

Deposit the amount in your account based on the lending strategy and you can the one which suits you.


Investing is very easy for bitcoin wallet users. Lending is absolutely uncomplicated with bitcoin address, 33 alphanumeric characters.

If you deposit for the very first time you can transfer the money from your wallet. The following deposits can be done via profit that you can obtain from your previous investment. If you do not bitcoin account you need to create one with several bitcoin platforms.

Once you deposit it will be credited to your Coinello account with the time from very few minutes to one hour, unusually within 24 hours. After the mentioned time period you will be received confirmation messages otherwise you can check in “your deposits” which is in your web account. It is not a balance owing to the account is designed to show only benefits.

Investment offer

There are two types of lending plans available which listed below.

Daily plans
Period Minimum deposit maximum deposit Daily ROI Total ROI
20 calendar days 0.001 BTC 3 BTC 7% 140%
25 calendar days 3.00000001 BTC 5 BTC 8% 200%
30 calendar days 5.00000001 BTC 10 BTC 9% 270%
After plans
Period Minimum deposit maximum deposit Total ROI
10 calendar days 0.001 BTC 3 BTC 120%
15 calendar days 3.00000001 BTC 5 BTC 140%
20 calendar days 5.00000001 BTC 10 BTC 200%

The frequent account checker can go with “Daily plans” and the random checker can invest in “After plans”. In the daily plan, your deposit will be paid with your daily gain and will not be given at the end of the lending plan. As well as in “After days” plan your deposit will be paid together with the final benefit.

In the case of profit, you can withdraw any time if enough balance is there. After the time lapsed your deposit will be canceled and it requires reinvestment.

Reward program

Coinello offers two levels of partnership scheme which are:

Referral: If you the link to others you will gain directly with 4% of the investment they have done.

Referral of referral: Through referral your referral you will gain 1% by the indirect reference.

Note: You can do withdrawal when the amount of commission meets or surpass 0.0005 Bitcoin

Representative scheme

The company recruits their representatives all over the world who speaks differently in order to serve people from different Zone. You can utilize their knowledge about the company structure, strategy, interactions, and investors.

You too can get the chance to become your country representative if you have the potential and the will. This is the best opportunity to earn additionally at two levels with 6% and 2%.

Condition to be a representative of Coinello Limited you need to have a deposit of at least 0.25 bitcoin.

Company Features

  • The UK registered company
  • Availability, transparency and mutual effort with customers
  • Chance to contribute company’s share purchasing in IPO 2018

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  1. Fayz says

    Coinello is a scam and I am a victim of their scam.
    Beware : They will shut down your account after 2 or 3 days. They took my money and I can’t access my account anymore After I added more bitcoin.

    Their help desk chat is not for any support, they convince you invest money and that’s it. Also trying calling their number and nobody will ever pick up the phone.

    I wonder how many victims are there, guys don’t believe anything they are saying. They have solid platform and you will fall for it.

    1. admin says

      We have received our payment as of today. We feel sorry for your account issue with them. Hope they will resolve soon.

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