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Lending Program is Closed as of 7th Feb 2018 - Another Scam

Status : Problem

Active Since: October 28, 2017

Top Lenders – April 2018


Min 45% per month 1% – 5% daily interest Capital release in 120 days


Online: 172 days

Davorcoin is an new cryptocoin which is an alternative for the most popular Bitcoin and Ethereum coin. Davorcoins are digital coins which is created by complex mathematical computations. Devorcoins help you make more money by lending program, coins staking, trading and also through affiliate programs. Davorcoin allows you to earn maximum of upto 48% each month plus more.


Plan 1 : Min Deposit : $100. Max Deposit : $1000. Profit : upto 48% Monthly Interest. Capital back :After 299Days. Plan 2 : Min Deposit : $1001. Max Deposit : $5000. Profit : upto 48% Monthly Interest + 0.10%. Capital back :After 239Days. Plan 3 : Min Deposit : $5001. Max Deposit : $10,000. Profit : upto 48% Monthly Interest + 0.20%. Capital back :After 179Days. Plan 4 : Min Deposit : $10,001. Max Deposit : $25,000. Profit : upto 48% Monthly Interest + 0.25%. Capital back :After 119Days. Plan 5 : Min Deposit : $25,001+ Profit : upto 48% Monthly Interest + 0.35%. Capital back :After 89Days.

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Coins Supported : DAV
Payment Mode :
Referrals : 8%-4%-2%-1%

Company Information :

Alexa Rank : Global Rank : 114,473
Registrar:GoDaddy.com, LLC
Registration Date:2017-10-18
Expiration Date:2020-10-18
Updated Date:2017-10-25

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The landing of Digital currencies will be the replacement of the current curreny we pay for every goods and ervices in future. So a team of professional bankers and experienced traders decided to create a platform and as a result Davorcoin has been created.

We all know that the cryptocurrencies and the blocjkchain are going to be transfromation among the normal currencies for the financial transactions. Having thoroughly analysed, a team of professional members have decided to come up with an idea to create a blockchain platform to make fiancial transactions more quick, cheap and reliable.

DavorCoin – Best Lending Platform 2018

It is a new Cryptocurrency which has been created to be the best substitute to the top leading crypto coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum coin.Davorcoin is traded under the symbol DAV. And the total number of maximum supply is 40,000,000 DAV.

Actually it will be in a form of digital public money taht is created by the complex mathematical computations and validated by blockchain technology. So in simple you can’t carry it in your bare hands. Crypto coins are in digital form, likewise, Davorcoins are also an digital coin that which you can store them in your computer drive, Smartphones,hardware wallet or somewhere in the cloud.

Coin Name : DAV
Current Price : $95.25
Lending Interest Rate : 1.57%
Want to be part of one of the most successful Davor.io projects?

When you own Davorcoins, they are treated like physical gold coins and obviously it has its own value and also can be traded in popular exchanges treating them as a stock. Moreover in near future you can also be able to use them for purchasing goods and services.

Devor coin Wallet

Every digital coins must need a wallet to store. Digital wallets are nothing but a place where the digital coins are stored, carried and transacted.Similarly, as Davorcoins are in digital form you can only hold them in wallets. You can download Davorcoin wallet for your Windows pc and Mac.

Main Features of Davor coins – Review
  • More sucured
  • Fully Decentralised
  • Completely Transparent
  • Auto reinvestment Feature

Davor has released many new feature to help everyone invest more easily and start earning profits. This Auto Reinvestment feature is also one among them.Normally, the auto reinvestment feature will be turned off by default. And while creating new lending package you have to choose the checkbox option for auto reinvestment

While participating in lending program , you don’t need to collect your daily interest manually and make reinvestments anymore. Devor automatically does it for you.It accumulates your interest until it reaches $10, then the system will create a new reinvestment package.

Will It be a Smart way to invest in Davor coin?

Digital currencies are evolving around for the past few years. And we all know the current value of Bitcoin, one of the most successful and major crypto currency. The price of each Bitcoin during the year 2010 was just $0.003 and right now the price is $14000. Imagine if you invested around $100 on that time how rich will you
be right now?

Similarly, you can invest with Davorcoin as its price is very low now and who knows? It can surpasses the Bitcoin value in some years.With Davorcoin, you have vast opportunity to take your life to your dreamed level. Join with Davorcoin at its beginning stage itself and be the part of its growth.

DavorCoin ICO

Davorcoin has already started its Initial Coin Offering on 6th November 2017 and you can avail this opportunity to buy Davor at a very low price. The maximum supply of DAV during this ICO is 6million. These will be available to purchase at the rate of $1.2 per 1 Davorcoin. You can also get discount rates if you participate during the first 12 days. For Instance, if you buty DAV during first three days you will get a discount of 40% of your purchase value.During ICO stage there will be a minimum and maximum purchase amount for each customers and the minimum is 100DAV and the maximum is 50,000 DAV.

What Devorcoin offers ?

Davorcoin holders can make more money in different ways which are offerred by Davorcoin. DAV holders can make money through lending program, Exchanges, Coin staking, trading and through affiliate program.

Program Review

Through lending program you can make more profit by investing your money and earn a good interest rate in return of your investments. Davorcoin provides an stable monthly income of up to 48% as an monthly interest for your chosen period.

There are five lending plans with Davor.io and each plan gives you different interest rate depends on your investment amount. The minimum amount you need to invest in order to participate with this lending program is $100. And the maximum amount that you can invest with Davorcoin lending program has no limity. You can invest any mount of your choise based ion your financial situation. You can also get your capital back that is your initial deposit amount anytime after a specified time period.

You can also opt in for optional capital lock boost scheme. It delivers you an minimum of 0.02% and 0.10% to the max.


Exchanges – Reviewed

You can trade coin on any popular exchage platforms to earn good profit. Usually anyone who holds DAV can participate in Exchage paltform to buy, sell or trade Davorcoins.You can buy DAV at low cost and sell when it reaches the maximum.From December 2017 DAV has been listed in all major Crypto currency Exchanges.

Devor Coin Staking Rating

You can earn more profit by just sitting in home. Interested? Yes, you can now simply stake your Davorcoins in the Davorcoin wallet to earn extra Devorcoins. All you have to do is just prove you have owned a certain percentage of all Davorcoins available.

For Example, if you own 1% of all DAV coins, then you will be able to mine 1% of all trans actions across DAV.

Davor Affiliate Program

You can earn profits through many programs of DAV. But Davorcoin offers an outstanding bonus rate of upto 8% through its Affiliate program.

DAV affiliate program has five levels of awarding system and each level allows you to earn different profit percentage as extra income. For instance, Level 1 let you earn 8% of referral bonus, when you successfully refer your friend.Likewise, each level offers you certain profit percentage as extra commission.

  1. admin says

    The Devor Price reached high of 125 Today. We suggest to invest some money in lending from your stalking.

  2. Matt says

    Davor Current Market price – 148 . Thank you thisweekscoin team – I joined Davor from here while it was 24

  3. admin says

    :fire:Dear Davor community,
    You must have heard that Bitconnect is stopping both his lending program and his exchange platform.
    This does not change anything for us except that now Davor is the number one lending platform in the world !!
    We are now the new standard and we thank you all for having joined us since the beginning or since very recently.
    Many people are going to join us in the following days which means the price will increase and all of you already in the game with us will benefit from it.
    We will keep offering you the best interest rates in the market and our tech team will keep working hard to make our system safe for you.
    We can tell you now that we have faced 2 days ago the same attack on our system as Bitconnect received. They have been shut down almost 2 days and did not really came through it while our tech team did find the solution within 2 hours. This is only to show you that we are strong and prepared to be the new standard in the industry.
    We’re going to the moon, are you ready ? :rocket:

  4. George Fin says

    First of all, A very big thank you for the article about Davorcoin. I read the whole article and decided to invest with Davorcoin. And they are paying now.

  5. Sophia Jesi says

    hi guys, is the Davor paying genuinely without any delay. Please anyone reply me, so that i can start investing my money with this davorcoin.

    1. Martin Luige says

      Davor Coin is legitimately doing well. I personally suggest this Coin to everyone. Davorcoin pays continuously since I joined this Coin..,

    2. Wasif says

      Hello sophia its paying on daily basis you can join my team to get back 100% referral bonus

  6. Jas Melvin says

    Thank you for your information about davor coin. I have profited lot by investing in that platform and as i have suggested to my friends, i gain referral bonus also. Thank you once again…..

  7. Crypto Investor says

    If BitConnect pays me back my $150,000 they took from me I sure will invest more than $37,000 into Davor. Let’s hope…

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