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Top Lenders – April 2018


Min 45% per month 1% – 5% daily interest Capital release in 120 days


Online: 172 days

Dekado is a decentralized Cryptocurrency and its price is determined by terming feature of Dekado platform, Staking feature of the coin, Supply and demand coupled with its community network and also the technology behind the generation algorithm. DKD is trading under the symbol DKD. Dekado delivers many investment options that can help you earn more profit in a short term. You can participate in DKD coin supply channel to mint new coins, stake DKD coins to get a steady return with capital security.

You can also use your existing crypto assets to earn by investing into the Dekado fixed deposit schemes. The 10 Level referral Bonus gives you an opportunity to earn up to7%. You can generate serious income out of this referral program by sharing your referral link to your friends and others. By this way you can now start earning your free Bitcoins for every person you refer.


Monthly Interest: Upto 42%

Minimum Deposit Amount : $100

Maximim Deposit Amount $100000 and above.

Capital Back in : 114- 249Days.

Invest $1010 – $5000 and earn 42% monthly interest + 0.11% Bonus

Invest $5010 – $10,000 and earn 42% monthly interest + 0.21% Bonus

Invest $10010 – $100000 and earn 42% monthly interest + 0.26% Bonus


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Coins Supported : BitCoin, Ethereum
Payment Mode : BitCoin
Referrals : 7%-3%-1%-0.5%

Company Information :

Global Rank : 48778

The Registered Domain name is and it is registered with NameCheap Inc. This Domain name was registered on 2017-09-18 and will get expired by 2023-09-18..

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