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Minimum investment $50 Interest 1.10% daily Pricipal Return – after 50 days


Online: 1770 days

HomeBlockcoin is an decentralised self regulated financial payment network especially for the one who does not want any intermediates. Homeblockcoin provides many ways to make more profit on investment. With Homeblockcoin you can earn upto 48% of Return On Investment every month. You can make your capital grow with Homeblock coin.


Plan 1 : Min Deposit : $100. Max Deposit : $1000. Profit : upto 48% Monthly Interest. Capital back :After 239Days. Plan 2 : Min Deposit : $1010. Max Deposit : $5000. Profit : upto 48% Monthly Interest + 0.15%. Capital back :After 179Days. Plan 3 : Min Deposit : $5010. Max Deposit : $10,000. Profit : upto 48% Monthly Interest + 0.25%. Capital back :After 120Days. Plan 4 : Min Deposit : $10,010. Max Deposit : $25,000. Profit : upto 48% Monthly Interest + 0.30%. Capital back :After 99Days.

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Coins Supported : BitCoin
Payment Mode :
Referrals : 8%-3%-2%-1%

Company Information :

Alexa Rank : Global Rank : 55,567

Domain: homeblockcoin.com
Registrar: NameCheap Inc.
Registration Date: 2017-10-19
Expiration Date: 2018-10-19
Updated Date: 2017-10-23

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Home block coin is a decentralized financial payment platform. There are 28 million HBC coins are in supply and they are limited. Even the demand or the coin is raised it will not be regenerated due to this technology which is based on deflation. The coin price at the time of launch was $1, now it costs $3 and according to the white paper published by Homeblockchain it is expected that it will reach $1000 by the end of the year.


Transactions are possible without the interference of banks and government. The transaction does not need third party or institution. As Homeblockcoin does not have any central server, the transaction is easy to be done immediately without any transaction fees.

Though the transaction is transparent for everyone we could not find the identity of the person who made the transaction as it is anonymous. Additionally, they provide the option to the user to choose whether his name will appear or not. All transactions are recorded and available on multiple servers.


This platform is very safe and secure and hacking is impossible since hacking multiple servers at the same time is impractical. It is easily accessible as mentioned in its name.


Name                : HomeBlockCoin

Symbol             : HBC

Total Supply  : 28.000.000

ICO                     : 5.000.0000

Algorithm       : X11

Type                   : PoW/PoS

Block size       : 2MB


The financial resources of HB are split 30% for investors, 30% for development, 20% for advertisement and 20% for maintenance.

ICO is started on 4th November 2017 and closes on 21st November 2017. 5,000,000 HomeBlockCoins are for total ICO supply and daily 250,000 is available. ICO sale takes place by 5 rounds. The price on the first day is $1 and it keeps on rising day by day. Your payment should be in bitcoin and by depositing bitcoin on a given deposit address you can purchase HBC coin.

Investment options

  • Trading
  • Lending
  • Staking
  • Mining
  • Affiliate


You can gain profit using HBC coins by trading the coin in the trading exchanges or on the Homeblockchain trading platform.


You can earn daily and monthly profit by lending your coin. The Homeblockchain volatility provides profit and it automatically trades HBC coins. Lending period is from 99 days to 239 days and you will be paid based on your investment amount. You can get back your investment after lending period.

Note: You can get 0.15% additionally for pre-lending if you deposit on or before 1st of December 2017 9 pm and it starts from 25th of November 2017.


You can earn daily interest by simply holding your coin in your wallet. You can download the special Homeblockchain wallet. The interest is based on the number of coins you hold and it increases when you hold more.


X11 algorithm is used for Homeblockchain mining. You can mine HBC coins using Homeblockchain software and you simply need a computer with the network connection to mine coins. For every coin you have mined you will get the reward and it will be credited to the wallet which is downloadable and compatible with PC.

Affiliate program

It is a referral program in which you can earn money by referring HBC to your friends. There are 7 reference levels offer referral bonus from 1% to 8%.the special offer is you can get bonus both from investment and interest.

Social Media

Twitter             : https://twitter.com/HomeBlockCoin

Instagram       : https://www.instagram.com/homeblockcoin/

Telegram         : https://t.me/HomeBlockCoin

Whitepaper  : https://homeblockcoin.com/downloads/whitepaper-homeblockcoin.pdf

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