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Top Lenders – April 2018


Min 45% per month 1% – 5% daily interest Capital release in 120 days


Online: 172 days

LendConnect is a new lending platform which is fully decentralized. This platforms work with a trading team that trades every single day which is exactly 40 hours per week.This helps you to achieve a great interest percentage for lending Lendconnect Coins. LendConnect coins, in short, called as LCT.Later it also uses trading bots to get even more higher percentage than any other platform.

Total number of LCT is 3.5 Million.When you buy LCT in the ICO, the coins will be transferred directly to your own Ethereum wallet.LendConnect conducts its ICO at four phases and the first phase started from 29 November 2017.


Profit Interest : 1.5% – 5% Daily

Deposit Amount: $100 – $100000

Capital Back: 60 – 120Days

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Referrals : 8%-4%-2%-1%

Company Information :

Global Rank : 53,730


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