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Minimum investment $50 Interest 1.10% daily Pricipal Return – after 50 days


Online: 1770 days

LendEra is a decentralized cryptocurrency which allows you to perform fast transactions and also to yield more profit as return based on your Investment. There has been a lot of buzz about this Cryptocurrency and here is some brief description about LendEra.The ICO token distribution will take place in five rounds, and the first round has already completed.  The second round is going to start very soon and once one round is finished it will automatically move to the next round.

The maximum number of total LEC Token is 6260000. You can also earn an attractive profit of about 15% annual bonus when you hold LEC coins for 30 days to make the coin mature.


Monthly Interest: Upto 42% Minimum Deposit Amount : $100 Maximim Deposit Amount $10000 and above. Capital Back in : 135- 260Days. Invest $1001 – $5000 and earn 42% monthly interest + 0.1% Bonus Invest $5001 – $10,000 and earn 42% monthly interest + 0.2% Bonus Invest $10,001 and above to earn 42% monthly interest + 0.3% Bonus  

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Coins Supported : BitCoin, Ethereum
Payment Mode : BitCoin
Referrals : 10%-4%-2.5%-1.5%-0.8%-0.4%

Company Information :

Global Rank : 791,431

The Registered Domain name is lendera.io and it is registered with NameCheap Inc. This Domain name was registered on 2017-12-02 and will get expired by 2021-12-02.

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