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Top Lenders – April 2018


Min 45% per month 1% – 5% daily interest Capital release in 120 days


Online: 172 days

Montetize coin is the new generation lending platform. As mentioned in its name, it provides most advanced monetization. This platform is so called as volatility trading bots because of its enterprise-level, automated and traffic arbitrage performance.
About 23, 910 members are using this platform since it is user-friendly and it uses ethereum blockchain technology. You can purchase the coin from January 22nd to February 14th, 2018. Deposition and withdraw is very simple and withdraw is possible at any time you need without time limit. By lending your coin you can get sustainable daily interest in bitcoin and ethereum as you wish. You can also get high profit by stake your coin in the coin wallet.


Tokens available at the discounted pre-ICO price of $0.35

Minimum deposit: 100 USD

Maximum deposit: 10,000+ USD

Lending term: 99–239 days

Invest $100–$1000 and earn interest 40% monthly

Invest $1,001–$5,000 and earn interest 40% monthly and + 0.10% daily bonus

Invest $5,001–$10,000 and earn 40% monthly interest + 0.20% daily bonus

Special lending package for daily dividend payment of up to 2% per day.

A token buyback program to burn the token increase the price.

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Coins Supported :
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Referrals : 8%-3%-1%-0.5%

Company Information :

Global Rank : 325,096 is the registered domain name and is registered with NameCheap Inc.  This domain was registered on 2017-11-28 and it will get expire by  2027-11-28. 

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