Steneum Review – Good or Scam

Stenuem is an digital currency or digital asset which is only avilable over the digital world. It is an fully decentralised platform and is peer to peer crypto currency that is especially designed as an unit of exchange without relying on central server. .With Steneum you can transfer money anywhere around the world instantly with a very little or even zero at some point. Still it uses a blockchain database that is controlled by no one. Since it has been created based on Bitcoin platform Steneum is more or less identical to Bitcoin.The only difference between Steneum and Bitcoin is the price and opportunity alone.

Steneum has started its ICO from 1st of December and it will last for one month and the last date to participate in this sale is 1st of January 2018. And the name of the Token is STN. Once you have purchased coins during Token sale, you can use these coins for trading ion Bitsten and also you can sell STN on the crypto market to receive an immediate profit.

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