Bitcoin Hits $13,500 in Zimbabwe

As Citizens of Zimbabwe started using Bitcoins widely to access international markets, the price value of Bitcoin hits $13,500 in Zimbabwe. It is the only country where Bitcoin hits this value than anywhere else in the world. For those who in Zimbabwe, Bitcoins are not just a digital cash to trade or store, it is a lifeline for them.

The reason for this sudden hike of the price on Bitcoins is so simple, the inflation which caused in the country and also as the tanks of the military passes into the nation and president Mugabe can be found nowhere. As the military troops enter into all the part of the country. Though a senior Military head addressed on national TV and confirmed that the aging president Mugabe who has been in the chair since 1980 is safe and very soon a new president of the nation will be elected.

Citizens of Zimbabwe are very much aware to protect their wealth because of this hyperinflation caused in their country and thus investing it in the Digital currency such as Bitcoin they can meet the international market trading. And it is the main reason for the price increase in the country than anywhere else in the world.

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