This Week's Coin always picks the best and most innovative new altcoins to introduce to the world. These are just some of the coins we have promoted in the past. If you are interested in TWC's coin promotion services, please contact us.

  • DataCoin @ This Week's CoinDataCoin (DTC)
  • EarthCoin @ This Week's CoinEarthCoin (EAC)
  • FedoraCoin @ This Week's CoinFedoraCoin (TIPS)
  • LottoCoin @ This Week's CoinLottoCoin (LOT)
  • MastiffCoin @ This Week's CoinMastiffCoin (MAST)
  • SaturnCoin @ This Week's CoinSaturnCoin (SAT)
  • SyncCoin @ This Week's CoinSyncCoin (SYNC)
  • ThorCoin @ This Week's CoinThorCoin (THOR)