Top Best BitConnect Alternatives HYIP Paying as on November 2019


Minimum investment $50
Interest 1.10% daily
Pricipal Return – after 50 days


Online: 1770 days

BitConnect History

Bitconnect is an revolution in the Crypto currency revolution. Bitconnect is an self regulated financial system Bitconnect is an open source platform which helps building trust and reputation in bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

How BitConnect Works

In this unstable world Bitconnect provides you an solution for a stable income. It provides multiple investment opportunities with cyprocurrency tradings such as buy, sell, trade and save digital currencies. Bitconnect coin price is an  perceived reward for its supply and its demand features designed during bitconnect coin algorithm along with lending platform.

How BitConnect is Paying Users

Bitconnect is an decentralized crypto currency and you can invest your capital with Bitconnect and earn interest as profit. Without any intermediate and with no central organisations involved you can buy, sell, trade Bitconnect coins BCC, directly to anyone and from anyone with using Bitconnect public exchange. Bitconnect has various platforms that let you earn profit along with minting, lending, staking, trading. You can also earn bitcoins by referring new members to Bitconnect.You will earn your commission every time your referral lend bitcoins. And the earnings are based on the lending amount and the depth of your referral.

Rise of BitConnect Like Similar Alternatives

There are many new similar platforms emerging the community everyday. We can’t assure or trust whether it is genuine or a scam. Websites like, laser.Online, BTCHash provides its users a certain percentage of profit based on their deposits and plans. And there are lots of crypto currency trading platforms which prooved to be real and some may also have closed its service and scammed everyone who trusted on it.

Above mentioned are only few examples of High Yielding Investment Platforms and there are many around the world. These platforms allows you to perform Coin lending, Mining coins, Trading coins to earn profits respectively. You better go through our review on each platforms and decide to choose the right platform which suits your plan and go further on your own risk.

Top Leading Sites Similar to Bitconnect – : Laser.Online is an US based digital funds investing platform which yields you high Return On Investment with a minimum deposit itself. For instance if you deposit your capital with Laser.Online then it will provide 12% of daily profit based on your investment for 12 business days. BtcHash is an digital currency investment platform which assured to giveaway a daily income profit of about 3.84%. And it also promises everyone to earn profits every minute. When we look inside deeply the most funniest part is revealed and the thing is BtcHash provides Exclusive offers for Muslim Investors. And the minimum deposit to start yeilding profits with BtcHash is $5 and 0.005 in BTC.

Ucoin Cash : Ucoin Cash is an breakthrough solution for global money transactions. Ucoin Cash is an digital cash and an next generation of advanced solution for digital currency transactions. Ucoin Cash is an open source platform which helps you earn profit upto 45% each month. And it also provides ICO servive which starts from 15 Nov and ends at 15Dec. You can get an referral bonus of  5% when your referred person makes deposit.

Chain.Group : is an interesting idea of trading cryptocurrency and make your money instantly grow  by trading yourself. If you have an minimum deposit of $10 you can start investing on and can earn a daily profit percentage of 0.2% and also a referral bonus of 5% is given by : Hexabot is an fully automated trading system which helps you to trade faster in the cloud. When you join Hexabot you will have total control of your investment. Hexabot has three different automated bots which has its own trading strategy and each bots will provide different profit margin based on your funds. Hexabot provides upto 3.5% of an daily income. And also an referral commission of 5% can be earned from Hexabot.

Recent Scams – who ran away

Bitpetite – Bitpetite is one of the ponzi scheme which offers daily return upto 4% based on your investment. When looking at the site for the first time it looks more attractive because of the calculator displayed on its site. It actually shows how much profit you earn during a period of time and it is the point where some people have deceived by Bitpetite. And few months ago Bitpetite was caught as a scam and it loots lots of amount which were deposited through Bitpetite clients.

Coinreum – Coinreum is an another interesting bitcoin investment platform which promises to pay 3.8% of Return On Investment daily without working a bit and an monthly return of 115% was assured by Coinreum. Unfortunately some days back Coinreum has failed to keep working as they promised their clients. Coinreum totally seems to be disappeared with a huge amount of people’s investment.


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